Thursday, 19 October 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #206

This look is looking almost a little too wintery for October, whoops^ Anyways, this next bag for the challenge is the Fringe Bag from the Ralph Lauren section of Nelly which I bought rather a long time ago and have never worn and following this styling I know I won't again so it'll be going to the Bazaar! I went with an all-black look for this one as I was a little stumped as to how to make it look special in an outfit. I like the dress length with the bag, but it's not hugely unique. While I think it's nice enough I don't think the look makes the bag the focal point and I think that the bag itself maybe wasn't made with it being a focal point in mind ... just not my style this time!

Earth Laughs in Flowers

I know it's not very season appropriate, but I was feeling rather floral and this headdress is just so pleasingly dramatic!

Seeing as it's October, I'm feeling a bit Hallowe'en-y too, hence all the skulls. I was going to use the Tingeling Hallowe'en Couture skull bag, but I wanted to keep up with all the pops of pink. Instead I've hobbled my own creation together by floating suite items on top of my doll in what I hope is an attractive arrangement. It's nice to make yourself a bag that no one else has got, especially when you struggle to accessorise as much as I do!

Ingredients / You Will Need
High Neck Designer Shirt | Pretty 'N' Love
Bustier Gotham Dress | Evil Panda
Peony Hair Garland | Pretty 'N' Love Decor
Skull Brooch | Mr.
Chrome Band Belt | Pretty 'N' Love
Rosa PVC Stilettos | Riviera
Crossbody PVC Purse | Hot Buys Weekly
Pink Metal Skull | Limited Edition Decor
Diamond Eye Earring | Subcouture
Florist Leaf Twig, Florist Flower Twig 2, Florist Rose 3,  Florist Rose 6 | 9 to 5

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

M R | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

At the end of last week our latest Plaza release was 2 new floors of Mr. so while this doesn't hugely impress me one piece in particular stood out to me, and I think it stood out to everyone else too! The Gathered Sleeve Sweatshirt is an oversized navy sweatshirt with standout grey and white stripes around the bottom and sleeves and some very cool fringing elements to the sleeves - a lot of things which are stylish right now and I can see, despite the price, which it's been purchased by so many people! I think this is definitely an interesting addition to my wardrobe =)
Features So many people have been styling this sweater, but these 3 looks in particular caught my eye. First up AvrilkaTH13 has gone in a lighter direction, choosing velvet pink boots, which I think is a lovely surprise pairing, and keeping up the femininity with the frilled collar which looks pretty awesome. The necklace is another great addition and it breaks up the heavy block of navy in the style. This bag is a perfect one for the sweater^ Secondly hankipankidoni going darker, choosing a pair of loose leg trousers, I like the navy against the black and the tags on the trousers match the sweater really nicely. And no scrimping on the frills here either, using them on the socks this time which looks nice with these pointed shoes. Really like the hat and earrings with this one too^ And thirdly tolady, again wearing the sweater as a dress but choosing black thigh-high boots in a more classic styling for this piece. The black colour is continued in the cross-body bag, the style of which I think is perfect for this sweater, and also in the hat, a popular style addition these days! I like the touch of the single earring too, the little bit of red looks nice against the colours of the look =D
Styled Outfit Now I don't think I've styled this sweater nearly as well as any of these features above, but I gave it a good go, it's just a style I'm not 100% comfortable with in putting together! I went mostly with white pieces so the stripes on the sweater would stand out and with my first look that's the skinny trousers I picked. I did go for some blue accessories, but I don't know if these work out as well as the white pieces in my second look - I absolutely love these boots with the sweater which you'll have recently seen in my Plaza Picks post! These with the sweater is a combination I'd go for again. I struggled a little with white bags, nothing I had was quite what I had in mind but I think this one does the job for now =)

Layered legs

Autumnal grunge perfection with today's feature coming to you from OMGitsSoph =) I'm really liking the use of these VINYL Levis Vintage Inspired Belted Denim jeans, this look and quite a few others really are selling them to me despite my initial doubts about them! The fishnet tights underneath look good and make the look more cold-weather suitable, along with the pointed boots, these are a fab addition! The belt on the jeans ties in really nicely with all those belts layered across the top-half making a cool unique piece for the outfit. The jacket and tight topknot finish off the look really well!

Black, Silver & Snake Print

This Gucci skirt is so cute, sometimes I wish it was a bit longer, but it works really well with high boots like this as it is. These boots are quite exotic for me, so shiny! What do you think of them? Have you managed to style them? I'd really like too see more stylings with them!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

We Wear Hotbuys O C T O B E R | Burberry Inspired Knit

I've been quite looking forward to this next Hotbuy because when I was in Paris last month I saw a woman wearing this and she looked amazing! This is the Burberry Inspired Knit from It Girls priced at 21SD's. It has a quirky yet cool coloured pattern with a whole host of different colours to pair with it so I think it's a pretty versatile print actually. It's got a classic sweater shape and I love the unique style of the partial tuck that this piece has, for me it's a real selling point - and it fits the doll really well too =D
I had so much fun putting together this styling - I knew exactly what I wanted to wear from immediately seeing the sweater, so I had a clear direction, but I wasn't prepared for the sheer number of shoes which looked great with the sweater, it was overwhelming and solidified the piece as a versatile one for me =D And remember to vote in the poll:

Real red casual

A cute red retro styling for the current season today from kikinha_25 - I love how casual pieces come together and can create something cute^ I love the knitted pattern and it looks good paired with the mesh socks, I like the covered ankles with the jeans this time, I think it looks good for the season and the black mesh matches the belt but contrasts nicely with the red of the sweater. The scarf is a really cute addition and I like the larger size of it. I think it might be easily missed if you don't look too closely, so it's worth a good look^ Also loving the glasses and hairstyle, super fitting to the retro style and they look fab =)

Monday, 16 October 2017

P L A Z A P I C K S | P P Q A C C E S S O R I E S

The recent Plaza 30% sale prompted this post a little, as I picked up a pair of boots I was considering and saw quite a few other accessories in PPQ that were also in the sale and so I decided this months Plaza Picks would be focusing on the PPQ Accessories range (this also includes the PPQ Cream range) - PPQ is a store which has been great in the past and I think just needs a little care and it could be back to the same standard as it was, it's a great brand, I love seeing it and some of my favourite pieces are from there! The store has a good mix of accessories - shoes, bags, jewellery and extras, so there's plenty to choose from and all of the pieces I've picked today are really pretty reasonably priced =) To get them all in your dressing room, click here!

Grey girl

A little twist on the typical casual street style with this look from SarahVIP today - I love those completely rock-chick biker boots and their metallic toe combined with the softer style of the whites and the greys, it works out really well! The hem of the jeans looks good against the boots and I like the combination of the different grey tones in the sweater, the coat and the bag. The different and very casual style of the bag stands out as it's a style you don't see often, but I think it works in this look and it contrasts against the more formal style of the beret chosen too^

Bag It Up Challenge #205

Another piece that was a freebie with this challenge post - this is the 400 Million Hermes Inspired Weekend Bag from the Special Offer at the 400 Million Member point on Stardoll. Alike the last bag, I don't like the size of this one, I resized it for this look, but originally it's a pretty huge piece, which I found a hindrance in my stylings as I found it tricky to work around. I've not seen others use this bag either, so I think this may be a universal issue? It's a nice enough bag, plain black with gold details, and it's even designer inspired, I'm just not sure how much I would ever use it again. I went pretty simple with this look, choosing all black with some gold in the shoes and earrings - if anything, I like these shoes with the bag so that's a pairing I'd wear again. I didn't choose my typical clothing, but the top half is pretty plain compared to the sheer-sectioned trousers on the bottom half, that was my attempt at something not boring!

Sunday, 15 October 2017

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

This week brought us a new Callie's Picks collection entitled Think Pink to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month! There's been similar things in previous years and it's great to be able to show support on Stardoll and know that some of our spending goes back to charity. So all of the pieces are pink, which is awesome, I like pink and the colour is on trend right now so it will be easy to get people to buy items from the store. I didn't fancy doing a review of this release, I didn't like enough of the pieces to justify one, so I thought a Styled post would work out nicely =)
Features There's quite a few popular pieces from the release, so a range of stylings to choose from. First up Andre1396 wearing the Ice Pink Socks and Blush High Slit Skirt, which is not visible in the store front, but you can find it in the search. I love this look for the skirt, it's casual but looks dressed and put together really nicely and I like the loose knit paired with the boucle-style piece. The hand-made belt-bag looks awesome and fits with the skirt really nicely, plus it's such a cute idea^
Secondly PepsiCola wearing the Blush Dior Heels and Soft Pink Underdress in this cute fluffy feminine styling =) The pink dress is worn nicely as an under-layer and you can see it giving a split hem to the dress which I really like. The cat tee and plastic glasses make cute touches but I love the Dior shoes with the look, their style fits well with the clothing and they definitely stand out!
Styled Outfits And now for my looks! Whilst I think I will go back for the Blush High Slit Skirt, I've styled a couple of the accessories for now. First up on the left are the Blush Dior Heels and it was natural to go with an all-pink styling. So many pieces of clothing work well with these shoes but it had to be an ankle-length choice to really show off the shoes^ And in my second look I went with the Blush Pink Strap Sandals, which I think were also originally Dior (maybe a holiday release?). For these I definitely wanted a longer leg as a shorter skirt or dress with those straps could really shorten the look of my doll, so these ripped hems were perfect. It's a pretty minimal outfit, but I think the jacket works out really nicely with the pink of the shoes and I'd work with this pairing again. Stayed simple with some pink accessories - really embracing the theme this week^ The other accessory I'm still considering is the Blonde Monster Bag which was originally from Fendi, but the question is 'would I wear it?' ... do any of you have this piece and have styled it in a lot of different ways? Let me know!

Nide nude neutral

A cute and kinda-autumnal feature today from Marbum - it's a simple set up but I think it works really nicely and plays the current trends very sweetly^ The layered dresses is standard as the pieces came together like that, but I love the accessorising of the look to make it something more personal - those patent beige boots are awesome with the sheer dress piece and match in colour quite nicely, the slightly retro style of them looks good too. Also liking the paler pieces, the silk neck-scarf is a nice choice and the beret is a popular hat right now and this one fits the look well!

Double trouble

For today's look we're walking down the familiar roads, meaning black and white are back in this outfit post. The outfit itself has a bit of a french vibe, thanks to this wonderful baret I've been playing around recently. But I think the star of the look is this black fannypack, which i discovered I had bought while going through my wardrobe. For me it's not something I wear often, but it gives the blazer a much more casual look, especially with another tiny bag around the waist.

My look:
French Barret / Pearls // Hotbuys Mini Aviator Sunglasses / Original Future // Shawl Collar Tuxedo Jacket / Royalty // Black Vinyl Skirt / PPQ // Steel Grey Pencil Skirt / Pretty n Love // Lateral Pouch / Original Future // Strand of Pearls / Sweet Suites // Ring Handle Clutch / Velvet Orchid // Minimalist Strappy Stillettos / PPQ

Hot Under the Collar

I saved this look ages ago then forgot all about it!

I've been very impressed with a lot of Stardesign accessories lately. Especially AvrilkaTH13, whose brilliant pieces I've styled a few times. This collar is inspired by Ellery and the 70s shape is gorgeous. 

You could leave the styling pretty simple and play up the shape of the collar, but I've gone for lots of contrasting stripes and a curated collection of accessories on the belt for extra interest.

Ingredients / You Will Need
Pinstripe Full Dress | It Girls
Puff Sleeve Top | Limited Edition
Ellery Inspired Collar | StarDesign by AvrilkaTH13
Tortoiseshell Frame Glasses | The Jetset
Black Silver Buckle Belt | Voile
Safety Pin | Evil Panda
Leather and Skull Keychain | Mr.
Munro Mini Backpack In Silver | Fy!
Black Banana Heels | Nicholas Kirkwood Tribute
9to5 Florist Flower Twig 2 | 9 to 5

Saturday, 14 October 2017

We Wear Hotbuys O C T O B E R | Tartan Red T Strap Heels

Our next Hotbuy accessory is there - the Tartan Red T Strap Heels! These are from Evil Panda and cost 16SD's. So the price isn't hugely affordable or entirely appropriate for a more simple HB, but I don't find myself loving these as much as other pieces - the heel height is a little mid-range, it's not a kitten but it's not a nice high height, so I think there's that to contend with, and then the colours in the tartan, not my favourite but I'll give them a go! The ankle straps are quite nice though, just don't think the 'T' style is one for me - but what about you guys, is it a style you like?
So my look took approximately 2 hours to put together, I just really struggled to find good pieces which worked with these shoes - ultimately I'm happy with the outcome and I really like this look but it sure was a challenge! There's clearly a dark theme with these shoes from our looks, lots of burgundy and black. Not sure how willing I'd be to wear them again, but I think they'll work for someone out there =) And vote in our poll as always:

Suite style

It's been a little while since I've featured a suite, and here's a pretty awesome one from neon.swift today =D It's also a pretty classy street-style winter outfit as well, love the off shoulder puffa jacket as a focus with some cool street clothing picked out, like these trousers paired with boots and the oversized scarf and sunglasses with slicked hairstyle. The room is looking pretty slick too, I like the transformation of this interior and think it's looking pretty cool with the light wood floor. The furniture on the left is light and has a glamorous feel with the mirror table, glitzy cushion and art print which contrasts nicely against the other side which has darker pieces and the dark wall, which I think makes a nice touch to this design^

Friday, 13 October 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #204

This next challenge bag was a freebie a little while back for the 10 Year Anniversary campaign that Stardoll ran and is the Valentino Inspired Weekender. I really haven't given this bag much thought with styling previously and in fact only wore it for the first time recently with a Hotbuy, I think it's the quite large size that's been putting me off - I definitely struggle with the larger pieces! It's a nice enough bag though, the black is versatile and the red printing is quite pretty - plus gold details, I never pass on those^ I focussed a little on the red and am quite happy with this sweater choice, it's one I made in StarDesign a while back and I think it works for this bag as well as it's original purpose. With all those colour, black for the rest of the clothes seemed the best option and I think I accidentally picked what seem to be 'go-to' options for me - these culottes and this jacket just work out in so many situations =D


The cutest work-wear styling ever today from Isabella8103! This Royalty Double Breasted Glencheck Blazer is an amazing piece which is totally on form right now - in fact you'll be seeing my stylings of this piece next week - and looks amazing in this styling^ I love the use of this skirt as a mini piece rather than midi, it works really well for both the skirt and the blazer and I think is a trend that could be worked well with other pieces. The white shirt looks smart and I love that the gold from the pin is continued with the shoes. The reds in the bag and lips match the skirt really nicely ... plus beret, what a cute use of this hat =D

Thursday, 12 October 2017

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | October 2015

Here we are for our look back at the Hotbuys from October 2015, I remember styling these so clearly the first time around! These definitely aren't my favourite Hotbuys, I don't really like or get the theme they were going with so as a whole they weren't a great bunch. There was at least one huge winner in this months Hotbuys though, the Faux Fur Wrap was hugely popular when it was released and it's still hugely popular now, it's a timeless piece that's easy to style and fit in with different trends and ideas - as it's an easy one, I'm not going to style it this time around for this post, instead today I'm going to style the Wool Trench and the Oversized Necklace both which are pieces I really haven't gone back to much since their original release!
I think these looks are pretty spot on for the season and I'm quite amazed that I managed that^ Got the colours and clothing styles spot on and I'm very pleased with how I've worked with these pieces - it's really rejuvenated them for me! I love the trench with the longer length of the skirt, I think it's a cute style to work with and with this pairing it looks good - I just need to find more skirts which work with the colour theme^ I love the boots with this look, the darker beige compared to the trench really makes the colours pop. And for the necklace I think it really works well here and doesn't fall into the background against the bright trousers, they really compliment it^ Love going with the white for the shoes and bag to highlight that small section of the necklace too - so pleased with this styling =D

Flying fringe

I thought this was such a cool rejuvenation of an old Hotbuy that I had to feature it today - it's from turkiye and who remembers this cool fringed vest too?! I think it really works well with the clothes it's been paired with, and I love the use of this longer white shirt with the white wrap skirt, it looks good as a pairing and I think the vest looks pretty cute paired with them =) Love the minimal heels and cool golden earring, but the Gucci belt bag stands out really beautifully!

Bag It Up Challenge #203

I was feeling inspired by Paris when I put this look together featuring this next bag, the Milan Postina Bag which came out as a freebie from Special Offer at some point in time - I have searched and can't find any information about this bag at all, sorry! So I'm not sure when I got it, but I know for a fact I've never worn it, here's my first go with it and I'm so pleased =D I wanted to go for some gold with it, and this dress always comes up when I search my wardrobe for gold, I gave it a go before trying anything else and that was that, my mind was made up =) I went a little cosy with the sweater and then this over shoulder blazer and I think the combination works out quite nicely both the with the dress and with the bag. For the shoes I'm not sure I made the perfect choice, but I like these lighter gold ones as they help to lighten the look a little with all that black. Overall, thumbs up for this outfit^

Dark Greens

I'm loving this beret trend SO much! Normal hats doesn't look that good on my doll, but berets does! Also these Hot Buys shades are turning to be my favourites too. Anyways, I have owned this green dress for ages, but never really knew what I should do with it. When I started to style it, the look actually came together pretty easily. These Runway boots are a lifesaver, I just love them with skirts and dresses!

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

V I N Y L | Release Review

It's been a while since we've had a new release in VINYL - and this new floor fits right on in with the running theme. The homepage advert is fitting with the theme too and has a little of a hipster vibe, although it doesn't really give much away about the clothing in the release which could be an improvement.

Highlights So there was just one floor to this release, featuring 4 looks for girls and a look for guys which is a nice addition. As I said, it really does follow the previous theme of the store so I'd say this VINYL release is pretty spot on =) Also you can buy the cute decor shelving, I think that's awesome!
Accessories As expected with a small collection there aren't a huge amount of accessories but I do think there is a decent range for the number of pieces. There are two pairs of shoes, the Flora Platform Oxfords and then the previously released Faux Patent Strappy Sandals - the Oxfords style is a popular one, so these will go down well but I definitely prefer the Sandals, I think they're a shoe which suit my doll more and I think the straps and patent texture look really great ... even if I hadn't noticed them before =) There's one bag, the sweet 60s Inspired Floral Lock Handbag which I just love, it's such an adorable simple piece and the floral lock adds a great style to the classic shape. The Cordoy News Paper Cap has seemed pretty popular, that style of hat is quite 'in' right now, and then lastly are the Oversized Reading Glasses which are somewhat of a staple piece and will probably do reasonably well.
Clothing Again, small collection so not a huge number of pieces but a good range. There are 4 tops in two different designs with this release - the Cropped Wide Rib Turtleneck in Grey and Orange (although I see it more as a red) and then the Vintage Check and Denim Frill Shirts which are also in long sleeved styles with a loose collar and a cool peplum-frill style hem which I really like - I think these tops are pretty decent basics that could work in a lot of different styles =) There are also 3 pieces of outerwear which provide a really good selection of colours and styles, the cutesy Brocade Vintage Jacket, the comfy Loose Vintage Cardigan and then the ultra-cool Faux Leather Shearling Collared Jacket - I like these pieces and think they work well with the collection, for me the Leather is definitely the best option for my doll and the one I could see wearing the most. And lastly the bottoms, which has a focus on denim with the Vintage Loose Denim Overalls and the Levis Vintage Inspired Belted Denim. I did buy the Overalls, mostly because they were an SC piece, but I'm not sure how much wear I'd get out of either as they really do come up quite loose on the doll and the Levis are quite ripped for my preferences in jeans ... I do think a whole Levis Tribute store would be an amazing idea though, Stardoll get on it! And lastly there is the Brocade Belted Skirt to match the Jacket, I like the shape and fit of the skirt, but the pattern isn't one I can see myself getting much wear out of, so I think this one's a miss for me.
Prices The prices of the release are from 3-19SD's which is pretty decent and there are a good amount of pieces priced in SC's which is awesome and makes the store an easily accessible one.
Styled Outfits So I've ended up buying quite a few pieces from the store and have styled one already over at What I Wore On Stardoll, but here are two more looks featuring three of my favourite pieces. Firstly the Vintage Denim Frill Shirt - I really like this light tone of denim with white and love these straight leg ripped jeans with the shirt and also these boots. The dark coat definitely helps the light tone stand out and also makes the look feel a little more dressy than the casual style it is - I love it! And secondly the Cropped Wide Rib Turtleneck and 60s Inspired Floral Lock Handbag in quite an autumnal and current styling paired with this polka midi skirt - I think this piece works well with both the VINYL items and simple accessories of the shoes and jacket finished the look off. I really like both of these styles and I think they make good autumn looks =)

Feature And now the features! I was super impressed with how creative and cool people have been being with this release, it's inspiring =) First up millaxx wearing the Vintage Loose Denim Overalls looking pretty cool with all black pieces, I love the sweater, I think it's a great standout piece and the colour contrast against the denim looks really good. Love these boots with the Overalls too, they make a great autumn/winter pairing for them and it's a combination I can see a lot of people working really well with!

And next we have majowa_pani wearing the Levis Vintage Inspired Belted Denims and this look is totally selling the jeans to me! I love the look of them here and the high-waisted and belted style and I really don't think the rips seem too much, which I thought initially. Love the double-denim styling, they look great with the jacket as a wrap top, such a cool styling idea, especially with a casual hoodie underneath. Then those red details, how fabulous =D
And our final feature, pandaribbon of course! Aren't these such a cool set of stylings for the release?! What stands out for me is definitely the third styling, the Faux Leather Shearling Collared Jacket with the pastel pink and the neon yellow, it looks super cool especially with the longer sweater sleeves. And then also the final look with the Levis Vintage Inspired Belted Denims - they look great with the layered tops and also the socks layered under the velvet mules =)

Running red

A simple yet super stylish styling in another primary colour from Minaj131 today - last time it was blue and now moving on to red^ I love these trousers a lot - my pair are tucked away for next spring/summer but this style still wears them well. They look classic with the cropped white tee and the silver heels but the accessories really drive this look forward. The Chanel bag is so cute tucked behind the leg there and the striped sunglasses are a perfect match for the trousers, but just look at those cool tassel earrings, they're divine!

Stars in your Eyes

This look is an amalgamation of recent bazaar purchases (the PPQ dress & boots), hotbuy stylings (furs) and this starry-eyed make up that I picked up while scanning through the plaza. 

I don't really know what I was going for here, but I like the retro vibe with the shape of the dress and the round toe boots. I'm really feeling these purple toned blues for once too!

Ingredients / You Will Need
Silver Stars Eyelashes Left and Right | PopsShop
PPQ 60s Collared Dress | PPQ of Mayfair
Palermo Style Faux Fur (x2) | Rio
High Knee Boots | Rio
Blue Satin Iridescent Pumps | Callie's Picks
Twisted Huge Hoops | Antidote
Bunnyhop Accordian Bag | Bunnyhop Gift-o-meter

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

We Wear Hotbuys O C T O B E R | Burberry Inspired Knitted Skirt

I'm excited for this next Hotbuy, it's the Burberry Inspired Knitted Skirt from Bizou priced at 20SD's and I think it looks awesome =D It's a midi skirt style, so great from the get-go, and I love the very current choice of knitwear for its material, it comes out really nicely on Stardoll. I also love the red-y rusted tones of the skirt, totally seasonally appropriate and I think it'll be a good one to pair other pieces with - I'm excited to style this!
I just think this skirt has so much potential and so many options for stylings! I think it will fit in with a lot of different individual tastes and the colours of it mean it's pretty versatile for different colour combinations^ Remember to vote in the poll:

Peachy nudes

Such a cute and etherial feminine style today on the blog, coming to you from MileyCyrus8642^ Look at all that layering and the look still managed to look light and airy, very cool work there, a skill to be proud of! I love the sheer skirt style, it works in so many outfits and this is another on - the blue mosaic patterning of the long sleeved top is a nice touch, and the colour isn't too much as it's well layered with other pinks on top. Also loving the bag draped across the shoulder, a cool-girl style that I can't pull off^ And the lips - that shimmery pink is perfect!

October sun

Finally time for my third outfit post. I have to say that I'm not really a yellow person, but it's just impossible not to get inspired by the colours of October. There's also a fun twist for today's look: I am wearing dress as a top. I've had this beautiful frock in my wardrobe for a while now and I think it's the perfect use for this jacket.

My look: 
Light Pink Glasses / Bonjour Bizou // Excquisite Skull Earring / Fallen Angel // Photo Print Frock / Folk // Frill Primrose Jacket / The Jetset // Golden Glitter Belt / Wild Candy // Wide Leg Tuxedo Pants / Royalty // Modern CC Clutch / Stardoll Rewards

Monday, 9 October 2017

R U N W A Y | Release Review

So it was over a whole week ago now that RUNWAY came out, but this is the first chance to post about it here in the blog! I think this release was a little expected around this time as we're at the end of 'Fashion Month' with so many amazing shows and street styles being shown, so RUNWAY fits right on in - lets check out the store =)
Highlights This release was just one floor, so a little smaller than some previous releases, but I don't mind so much - maybe this means there's another floor coming soon^ There's also a male look included which is a nice touch. Very much an autumnal focus with the pieces and the colours chosen for the store, I think some exciting looks may come from this!
Accessories Very small on the accessories front, 3 pairs of shoes and sunglasses, the FW 2017 Sunglasses and I feel like we're missing a bag, I think a bag would be really good to round out the accessories of the release. I'm pretty happy with the shoes though, the pair I'm unsure of are the Balmain Suede Leggings Boots - love the pointed toe and the patent portion on the foot and also the colour, but a legging boot? I'm just not sure it's for me ... seen a lot of people dress them really well but I don't know if I can manage the same! Then there are the two red pairs, the Givenchy Inspired Patent Heels and the Miu Miu Inspired Silk Heels. Both have pointed toes and I love each of their textures and materials - I was quite happy to buy both! The first have such a delicate strap design around the ankle that I want to spend some time with in looks and the second have a great wrap style and pretty ankle brooches, which are definitely something this season =)
Clothing Yep, this is a small collection, with just 4 female looks that means just 5 items of clothing, so not a whole lot to talk about really. With this release I feel like I like the idea of all the pieces, but some of them don't quite work out - I did make a purchase though, so I'll talk about that first, the Givenchy Inspired Red Knitted Dress, which was the first piece I saw and just loved^ From the high neck to the long sleeves to the faux-wrap style, and the length, it's all just awesome and such a cool piece - it's pairs perfectly with it's matching shoes but will work with many other too. There are two other dresses, the Balmain Inspired Bodycon Dress which is just a little sheer and bodycon for me, so that was one I knew I wouldn't go for, then the Miu Miu Inspired Pink Sequin Dress which I quite like, but for me it's all spring and summer, and I thought about it for too long then it sold out, so now pink sequins for me which is totally my own fault, but I'm still not sure how much I'd wear it! Then we have two coats, the Miu Miu Inspired Clear Coat, all perspex then some super cool pink furry shoulder additions which I am totally not cool enough to wear and then the Galliano Inspired Fringe Coat which I really am on the fence about - I've seen quite a few cool stylings of it, I love the fringing and the design and especially the colour, but it is an expensive piece to not be 100% sure about ... still so undecided!
Prices This release ranges from 38 to 110SD's, with one SS and one Royalty only piece in the release - but I don't think this takes away much from non-SS members looking to make some purchases.
Styled Outfits Since styling, I've made another purchase, but these styles are of all of the red pieces in the release, which does make them look a little limited and similar, but nevermind^ First up the Givenchy Inspired Red Knitted Dress and I kinda just wanted to wear it on it's own with these red booties, but that doesn't make for much of a styling, so I went with a coat and a nice red bag to match - it's simple but works and still shows off great features of the dress. Secondly the Miu Miu Inspired Silk Heels which I wore with a skirt to show off all of their design features and I think this outfit works nicely for them with the pleats in the skirt pairing well with the wrapped silk. And finally the Givenchy Inspired Patent Heels and I wanted a cropped trouser to show  the ankle strap. This is a pretty minimal look but one that's fit for winter I think with these black trousers and polo combined with a red velvet coat^ Love this heart clutch with the look, and I think I'll definitely wear it with these shoes again =D
Features And now for some features - people have been so cool and creative with this release! Firstly Fyusha wearing the Givenchy Inspired Red Knitted DressMiu Miu Inspired Clear Coat and the Givenchy Inspired Patent Heels with not much else added. The black midi skirt transforms the dress nicely and makes it seem like a completely different piece, but I think it works well and I like the big black sunglasses added too. The pink fur totally goes well with the red too!
Secondly Mr.famous.com wearing again a lot of pieces - the Givenchy Inspired Red Knitted Dress, this time with the Balmain Inspired Dog Tooth JacketFW 2017 Sunglasses and the Miu Miu Inspired Silk Heels. Love the loose trousers with the jacket, think that's a great choice, and also love the thick tights under the heels, they really draw your attention to the feet. Also great hair and beauty in this look =)
And thirdly tolady being super cool and wearing the Balmain Suede Leggings Boots ANNND the Galliano Inspired Fringe Coat - they look so beautiful against her dark skin tone that I really think I can't pull this beautiful aubergine tone off nearly as well. I adore the accessories, those sunglasses and the hat were just made for this doll and for this look - so perfect I could die XD I'm only kidding, but it really is perfection^