Monday, 21 August 2017

Suite Style

A stunning navy suite styling for todays feature from regnlee - I'm surprised I didn't see this before because it's fantastic! I love the navy seating combination with the blue tinted fireplace, they fit together seamlessly and the chimney breast is a great architectural addition to give the room more life. I love all of the decor pieces included, from the intricate styling of glass vases and candles on the mantlepiece to the offerings on the coffee table, everything looks great and fits in a nice style together =)

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #180

This next bag in the challenge is a pretty new purchase for me actually but I'm loving it so far! This is the Small Straw Bag from Nelly and so far I haven't come up with any negatives about it^ This seems a great summer piece, and with the popularity of straw pieces I'm thinking it should last into the autumn season too before being packed up until next year^ I love the light colour with the black handles and I think those make it an easy piece to work it into a range of different styles, including this feminine floral printed frilly dress and I think it looks pretty good! The dress has enough detail for a whole look and I don't think it needs anything else - I'm pretty pleased with this one =)

Tied for fall

A perfect styling for the fall (autumn; I just liked the alliteration^) today from lulluplix wearing my favourite skirt style =) This skirt has perfect style and print and colour for autumn and I love the addition of the tied scarf around the waist. It gives the skirt a more voluminous illusion with the fitting yet standout colours. The belt is perfect to tie the pieces together. The white top is a great basic, and I like the slight loose fit of it. The heels are a simple touch and I love the small amount of summer added in the straw clutch. The earring and glasses are pretty, but the beret totally stands out as a great inclusion in the styling =D

Saturday, 19 August 2017


I have so many great pieces picked out for Styled Outfits posts over the next few months and here's the next one - the Scallop Slit Skirt from Pretty 'N Love! We've not had it all too long but it's a trendy piece in the midi skirt style and with a cool quirky twist to the usual side split, I really like the scallop and it's easy to hide if you don't want to see it. The colour is bold and eye catching, great for a popping look if that's what you want. The black waist band is also quite a nice feature, although again it's one that can be hidden if you want.
I definitely tried to give completely different styles a go for this skirt. The first one is much more autumn winter and I love the block colour skirt with this sweater I designed for myself in StarDesign - the pink stripe coincidentally matches the skirt perfectly^ I do think all of the pieces I've used in this look are good matches. For my second style I attempted something a little dressed up and I really like the white with the pink, I also love my jacket combination, this is just the cutest! I liked the idea of this top with the print of the face on it with the skirt, but I should have resized it to get the whole face, however I still like the look of it, plus the features are in black which fits nicely with the little accessories I used and the waistband of the skirt. And the final look is a cool summer styling, this cami top was a perfect fit with the skirt, and I love the two pieces together. Black accessories were again easy to pick out, and simply adding another belt really brings attention to the narrowing of the waist. Super hard to pick a favourite, but it's definitely between the second and third looks - what do you guys think?! =D

Flower split

Floral split skirting still going down well with everyone, including in this styling coming to you from LadyBellax =) The over-knee makeshift matching floral boots look great, not too much at all - I wish I could pull the style off just as well! I wasn't a fan of this tee, but I think the shape of it suits the skirting really nicely and the logo makes it fitting in current trends - the oversized white bag also fits well and I like that there's a cap been used, the covering-the-eyes style is working nicely with the overall vibe of the look!

Bag It Up

I can't say I'm a natural when it comes to accessorising, so when I find something that really works for me, I use it over and over. 

This mixture of Antidote MCM Inspired Backpack supersized, layered with the shoulder slung Mr. Doublestrap Camo Backpack is my favourite combo at the moment. It's characterful, casual and goes with pretty much everything, including my favourite denim jacket of the moment. It takes a little jiggery-pokery, but I think the effect is worth fiddling with the resize glitch.

Ingredients / You Will Need
MCM Inspired Backpack | Antidote
Doublestrap Camo Backpack | Mr.
Hotbuys Loose Fit Denim Jacket | It Girls
Grey Knit Turtleneck | Apres Ski
Pleather Skirt | It Girls
Heather Ruffle Socks | Bonjour Bizou
Charcoal Ankle Boots |  Callie's Picks
Florist Flower Twig 2 | 9 to 5
Light Pink Glasses | Bonjour Bizou

Friday, 18 August 2017

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | August 2016

And here is my second installment of Hotbuys Revisited, bringing you the August 2016 Hotbuys this time, which overall I much prefer to the 2015 choices! I also still own most of them, all of the clothing actually and a couple of the accessory pieces even though they're not hugely my style, they're definitely good pieces! I absolutely love the Matthew Williamson Inspired Dress and have worn it a few times, but for this post I decided to style the Dolce Gabbana Inspired Shorts and Yellow Singoalla Top - both super summery pieces, and actually pieces that I quite liked my stylings of the first time around =)
It's super easy to go with light pieces for both of these items especially with them both having yellow in them, so for me whites and creams are an easy match and I found them both easy to work with - particularly the top, it's definitely still a stylish piece with the off-shoulder design and cute frilled detailing. The one thing I wish was that I'd remembered to style these in the prime of summer rather than towards the end as they are key pieces for the season =D I think both of these items should be pretty easy to find in the Bazaar if you're interested too!

I meshed up

Minimal and femininity is exuded beautifully from Holi_C today, don't you guys agree?!?! This is a fantastic styling of the recent Hotbuys Layered Lace Tshirt Dress that we loved styling earlier this month. Some of us attempted a little layering with ours, but this look blows them out of the water I think, and I just love this so much =) The skirting adds a delicate touch with the floral lace and I think adding to the top half with extra sleeves was great^ The shoes are a good shimmering touch and the belt stands out nicely with a floral pattern. Plus a great neutral makeup look =D

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #179

Next challenge post, and again not something too summery, but maybe a little more autumn smart? This bag is the Suede Tassel And Patch Shoulder Bag from Bizou that came out about a year ago and I'm finding it good for autumn looks^ I have worn it a few times, but I do think that it has a few factors going against it - the colour isn't the prettiest, so I think that's a point that will put people off, and the over shoulder style can be tricky to get working with the right sleeves of clothes - I think this coat is pretty decent with it though! I kept on a similar browny colour scheme with this maxi dress (another hard to style piece!) but definitely lightened it with the shirt and I think that really helps all of the pieces out =D

Smile rainbow

Bringing brightness into smart style in a perfect summer to autumn look in this feature today from sarvat^ I love these trousers, they make a great base for all of the colours included in this cool styling - and the colours definitely aren't too much either! The yellow and blue of the jacket and sweater compliment each other well and provide a good start point for the rainbow themed heels (all kinds of fabulous) and the coloured printed bag. The blue glasses are super snazzy and the hairstyle is perfection for the styling =)

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Y O U N G H O L L Y W O O D | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

It's been a little while now since our latest small release of Young Hollywood, and it really was small with just 10 pieces on offer in quite a specific style-theme. It's a very specific style and so I think it's easy to not find something that suits you, naturally I was quite disappointed with this release as there wasn't much versatility on offer apart from a few accessory items. I did however find some fabulous looking features with a range of the pieces to show you!
First up France25 wearing the The Row Inspired Jacket Dress in this stylish yet kind of quirky look - I really quite like the addition of the extra pink frilled layer at the bottom of the jacket, it adds more shape and does catch your attention nicely. The base colours of white on the bottom with trousers and accessories looks great with the pink and also against the navy in the top, I like this darker touch and it's great with that necklace =D
Next is nicki_-_-minaj wearing the YH Rihanna Inspired Pink Sunglasses and Prada Inspired Weathered Midi Skirt in this creative way as a cute fluffy top! It works out really nicely and I love this combination of casual and dressed up dressing - it goes well with the other pink accessories but also the white collared shirt and jeans, the mom jean style is perfect for this =D
And the last of our styles, bloom_xx_layla also wearing the YH Rihanna Inspired Pink Sunglasses and Prada Inspired Weathered Midi Skirt but as a skirt this time, and we also get a little peak of the Prada Inspired Beaded Top too^ I think this oversized blazer is great with the bright pinks of the pieces, it really calms the colour down and adds a smarter element to the style. Those oversized earrings and also the matching clutch are nice and suit the overall style really well =D
And now for my stylings! I purchased accessories as the clothes weren't really styles that I look for, so I got the YH Fold Over Nude Pink Clutch and the YH Semi Clear Suede Heels. Now I got these on the app, so I didn't try them on before purchase and therefore didn't realise that the Clutch was styled as to be worn specifically with a jacket (i.e the one in the store!) so this was a little inconvenient, but as you can see, I worked that out! I tried on every jacket I had and really only a couple worked out with it, it's handy that this red one was particularly good and I'm pleased with my styling! Love the pink against the red and the pink goes naturally with the co-ord shirt and trouser set, with the print it really didn't need anything else added! Then with the Shoes, they're pretty versatile and an easy styler - so you really could go for anything with them! I chose from the end of my trouser selection to get something different and I like them with this rolled leg to really show them off! Stuck pretty simple with the rest of the styling, but love getting to wear this cool biker jacket again =D

Love lace

A lot of love in this styling with the use of red and the love heart bag by pahpah979797 - I was sure drawn in! I've been seeing this skirt and this belt being worn a lot separately, and this pairing of them is pretty awesome! The red lace adds a nice brightness and femininity which I really like with the style of the belt, and it's continued in the clutch bag which I like with the look =) The boots keep up the rock-chick style but also fit with the clothes well. Plus loving the earrings and eye-makeup too^

Autumn Outfit Challenge

These Givenchy pants are one of the most stunning items in Stardoll, in my opinion. I wanted them for long, and was so happy when I finally found them. That said, they are not an easy item to style, and I didn't use them much so I decided it was time to let go... But before that, Kirsten suggested me that it would make a great post if I challenged myself to style these pants for the last time. That was a good idea, so let's see what we have here: 

Two casual outfits, one a bit more dramatic. I find it quite hard to style them into casual looks, it's not an easy job to find top for them! I was surprised that I used so little colour on these looks, but this time I was into more darker style. Still some colourful details here and there, like the yellow Gucci bag on the first one or red lipstick on the last one. The last one is my personal favourite, quite experimental, circus themed outfit. I associate these pants with circus, so I had to bring that circus feeling on my very last outfit with them! I am gonna miss these pants, but I can now buy new clothes for autumn, yay! 

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | August 2015

Something I thought might be an interesting addition to the blog would be a Hotbuys Revisited set of posts - going back to the same months Hotbuys of a previous year giving a quick summary of my current thoughts on them and styling up a couple of the pieces now to see how my ideas have changed for them since the original release ... somewhat like a review of how the pieces have fared in my wardrobe against the regular releases in the Plaza =) So without further ago - August 2015! These Hotbuys weren't my favourite at the time and they still aren't, the styles seem quite mixed and they are all quite bright pieces that don't match together all that well. It's needless to say that I've sold most of them, but do have a couple still in my wardrobe! The piece I liked and still like the best is the Sequin Cross Body bag, that you can see on the right - it has nice colours and an intricate design, it's certainly one of the more wearable items, and I actually styled it quite recently in my Bag It Up Challenge and loved working with it! So the two pieces I'm styling today are the Embellished Denim Jacket and the Green Snake Heels which I think will be pretty easy to find in the Bazaar if you're interested =)
Although these are not pieces I typically style a lot, I did enjoy digging them out again and giving them a go! I really thought I would like the denim jacket more of the two, however I'm super pleased with my styling of the green heels =D I'm not so sure on the design of them, I don't think it looks quite right, but anyway, I love them with this sheer printed dress - it's a tricky one to style but there's some great layering pieces out there and I think I made some good choices there^ Plus I combined it with another HB, this earrings - that's another piece I'm glad to get another use out of!!!

Autumnal gold

Autumnal styles can do dressed up well! Completely proven by today's feature from rob__in^ This skirt is a key autumn piece and I can't wait to style it up soon - it stands out beautifully against the black clothing and accessories. Love the puff sleeved blouse, the deep v of the neck and the wrap around the torso are a great complementary style to that of the skirt. The thicker tights are good on the legs and I love the mules, they're perfect in the style =) Plus those jewellery choice and lip colour are spot on!

Scraped Top

Top: Decades+Fever+Archve+Stuff | Pants:Fallen Angel | Purse: Windows On the World | Heels: Voile

Monday, 14 August 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #178

It's been a while since a duo of bags in the challenge but these two were made to be styled next to each other! Both clutches and both glittery and sparkly^ First on the left is the DeLaRenta Tribute Goa Box Clutch from the Oscar De La Renta Tribute - this came out a year and a half ago and I've never styled this piece! I like the idea of it, but it's actually quite small for a bling-themed piece so when I tried to style it in the past it got quite lost in the look. It's still small here, but I think this look works for it - I love the gold and black with this printed yellow and black dress, I'm amazed I didn't pair the two before! I love the outcome of this styling =) Then on the right is the All Over Sequins Clutch from the Couture Tribute store. I think I've weakly given this one a go a few times, but I think this is the most successful for it - sure the navy combination isn't hugely creative but the colour suits the bag really well and lets the shimmer stand out, I do think I'd prefer a slightly different style in terms of how it sits in the hand as it would make the piece more wearable, but oh well!

Gold chained

Love this very cool interpretation of a summer styling today from SrebrnaMuza! I love a good pair of white trousers, and this cropped high-low pair are no exception to that, they suit the doll well and have a great fit! The white top finished off the base nicely for the golden wrap jacket, perfectly on style right now and I think it's been finished of fabulously! Adore the roped detail added to the hem (it's actually a necklace) and also the great use of red in the shoes and bag - fantastic =D


Today another Styled Outfit post this time featuring the Striped Poplin Wrapped Dress from The Jet Set store in the Plaza! This style of dress has become very popular over the last few months, it's a great design and I love a lot of aspects to it, like the wrap, the frilled skirting, the flippy hem to the skirt, and the loose wider sleeves, not to mention the delicate blue striped pattern - so I was super excited to style this piece!
I really found myself wanting to just wear it on it's own with 3 different sets of accessories, as that would have been easy to come up with, so I have tried a couple of alternates too^ First up wearing it as a skirt, I've seen this before and it's a safe style choice that generally works out well. I went super safe and paired it with a blue and white striped shirt, but I like it and the skirt style is still shown off. The navy jacket adds a contrast especially with the addition of the white bag, belt and heels. The second look then uses the dress as downsized and styled pretty low on the body, I wanted to get a looser effect around the torso and a longer length on the skirt - paired with this white fur I'm actually really happy with how a simple change worked out! Again white accessories, but the look is still stylish and trendy with a summer feel. And finally just the dress on it's own as it comes! I recently purchased this bag and pair of sandals so they were pretty much right in front of me when I put the dress on, I decided to give them a try and ended up loving the contrast of black with the dress =) With this one you probably couldn't mix and match with accessory colour, so I stuck with black and I think it looks pretty good - city summer ready I'd say =D

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Styling G I F T S

I've been incredibly lucky recently to have been gifted a couple of items from my wishlist in the Plaza - I use this as somewhere to make down the items I really like the look of but am maybe still a little unsure if it either suits me, or how I'll style it, so when I get gifted something I take on the challenge to give the piece a go and see how well I get on! These 3 items are pretty random, there's no style link between them or anything, but they're just 3 cool pieces that you can get in the Plaza^
I styled my look before looking at the original pair and now I'm wishing I'd styled them like that! But I went with a darker navy/black as there is a little black in the squares of the trousers - I tried out orange and blue and purple, but for me this worked out the best! And I do love working with orange accessories so this was a breeze for me =) I wasn't really working towards a theme, but this definitely gives me autumnal fashion week vibes and I even went all out choosing a beauty styling to match - I just love the brown tones both on my doll and with this styling!
And secondly a jacket which I like the idea of but I was always unsure of how stylings would look. My initial thoughts were to go with all white pieces as I love the look of that, but I did manage to branch out a little^ This floral dress was a surprising great match with the jacket, the colour is just right and I love the whole country-esque style that this outfit has. All white won out in the second look, but actually this is my least favourite of the three stylings. Again I like the idea of the loose tucked shirt but I don't think the shape worked out well with these culottes so a little more trial and error needed with this! And lastly, some black and white, and I was surprised that I liked the look of the solid black shirt with the brown of the jacket. The jeans give a more casual feel but I like that I gave black accessories a go, especially this fringed bag which matched the jacket style well!
Lace Up Blush Dress | Fallen Angel
And rounding out the trio is a pretty dress, while it's perfect for spring I'm so into the midi skirt style right now that it's worked out perfectly for me! It was easy to style this as a skirt as there are plenty of top and outerwear options to go with it, particularly in white^ And adding accessories to this was easy as you can see from the first two look - I really like the pink fur with the dress and also the cross-body bag in the second look, those are definitely great pairings! Then in my final look I tried to wear it more as a dress, but never feel like this gives a complete styling, like I always feel I'm missing something, however I like this one. I added some length with another piece and love how this worked out. The accessories give such a classy feel and the dress feels totally different to in the first looks =)

Nude straw

Cool casual styling for a cool casual Sunday today from zeynepmira9963^ This look is just perfect and right up my street in terms of style - I love that it's wearing jeans in a non-casual way and I think it really sells them, so I'm glad I already have them^ The washed effect of the jeans works nicely against the black polo and the leather jacket which adds the cool vibe to the style. But I just love the accessory use, these shoes are to die for, they have a unique shape, a great versatile colour and they're patent which works a charm in this look! Plus love the inclusion of the straw clutch which works surprisingly well with the black! Great outfit =D

Saturday, 12 August 2017

We Wear Hotbuys A U G U S T | Gold Chains Of Chains Choker

I was pretty excited to get to this Hotbuy as it's a jewellery piece I can actually see my doll getting real use of =) This is the Gold Chains of Chains Choker from RIO priced at 16SD's, a price I'm happy to pay for a piece that I will get the wear out of. It looks a delicate piece and I think it definitely has a versatility in that I think it could layer well if you wanted a heavier jewellery look - and I think it will suit a lot of different people and styles of outfits^
I really think we've shown just a glimpse of the versatility that this necklace can offer! From minimal stylings to layering and prints and colours - I hope you guys like this piece as much as I do =) It's definitely a surprise winner from this months Hotbuys I'd say too! And vote in the poll as well:

Printed peach

This outfit from miver today is just great I thought it was peachy perfect^ I adore this skirt and was amazed that it was an LE piece I hadn't really focused on - it has a lovely design and the midi length is perfect for right now, I'm on a mission to find one to buy! I think the rest of the clothing being print-less works out well and you are immediately drawn to the skirt, with the rest of the clothing complimenting it well. The beige sweater and boots fit seamlessly and the denim looks great on top and adds a casual vibe to the print. What I'm also loving is the use of this straw-style bag, it's fabulous there =D

Bag It Up Challenge #177

I know this look seems a little more autumn/winter, but this look was just pretty great for the Voile Sparkle Purse that I couldn't not wear it^ I bought this a very long time ago and I have worn it occasionally but never styled a look specifically for it, plus it's pretty inexpensive so I think there should be some around the bazaar that you can buy^ I like the slight difference in gold tones between the bag and the skirt, it really makes it stand out. I also love gold and red so continued the red theme with the polo and boots which I think make a well-rounded outfit - it wasn't hugely complicated to do, but not all pieces need to be styled crazily to work out nicely =)


The colour of these Vetements boots is just stunning - and perfect for autumn! I just don't like the long design of them, not my style at all! But luckily you can hide it with skirts and coats, so not a big problem! Styled the boots with dark colours, really like the style of this coat! Warm and chunky. :) 

Friday, 11 August 2017

T R I B U T E S G A L L E R Y | Tribute Review

And this weeks Tribute release was a further addition to the Tributes Gallery store, this time adding bags! I think this is a nice rounding out to the store, but I think it would have been better as one release rather than splitting to two smaller ones. Love the homepage advert, it's a sweet one and I think it shoes off the pieces really well with the shining light and shimmering vibe^
Highlights As I said, this release adds nicely to the store and again, the pieces go well with the store design and I think it looks good for them in terms of selling them. Also have to say I like the presentation of them, e.g. the shoulder bags are displayed with the strap down, but when you select them you get how they look on the doll, I think this is a nice touch and wasn't simply just placing the item on a shelf =)
Accessories Again, it's just an accessories release, so just the one main section to the review, and alike the previous floor there are 4 designers to choose your pieces from. And actually it's not just bags, there's one other piece included, the Chanel Inspired CC Bracelet, which is fine and looks alright on the doll but personally I don't see anything too special about it. Also in Chanel are two quite small pieces, the Inspired Two Crossbody Bag and the Inspired Wool Shoulder Bag, both of which I really like. The colours are quite current and I think will be good for autumn, they're also ones which I think are easy to find clothing matches for. In comparison to a lot of other pieces in the store they do seem a little more muted, but I don't mind this at all! The next designer is Prada, going with a more unisex piece in the Inspired Nylon Backpack which I'm put off of by the large size, I just can't see myself styling it well, and then the smaller more manageable Inspired Shoulder Bag in a bright red with black and gold detailing, a winning set of colours if I ever saw them, and then the Inspired Drawstring Bag. I'm a little on the fence about this one as I really like the design and the intricate detailed pattern but I can't think how to style it - and I've not seen anyone else styling it either! I will need to think about this one! The next designer is Celine, which offers us more minimal colours although not necessarily minimal designs. They're all quite different pieces as well. There's the Inspired Shoulder Bag in a basic grey and a square design which I don't think suits my doll very well, then the more intricately detailed Inspired Tote Bag in cream with cool cutout sections, this is one I'm excited to see on others, just not myself. And lastly the Inspired Classic Crossbody in a bright purple tone, with a good texture and positioning on the body, I just don't like the chunky size for the piece, I think it would appeal to me more as a smaller item. And the final designer is Louis Vuitton and I like the choices made here, not just going for the typically popular LV items that we're all aware of! The Inspired Lock Tassel Bag is probably the most recognisable but it's in a popular pastel pink tone and I like the style of the piece, it sits really nicely and looks well designed. Then there's the very sweet Inspired Twist Shoulder Bag which I love the freshness of - the pink is pretty and the printing makes a nice touch and it is definitely an eye catching piece in store. It sits really well on the doll and works well with clothing in terms of placing - I'm really pleased with this piece. And lastly the Inspired Petit Crossbody which is a really nice size of a piece and the style is pretty much a classic one although it's modernised with the pink colour - looking at it close up the design is super intricate and detailed, I love that effort really has gone into the making of it =D
Prices This release ranges 16 to 35SD's with the majority of the pieces above the 20SD mark. None of the pieces are SS or Royalty only either. I did find the cost added up quickly, alike with the last release, and with just 3 bags in my basket the total was coming close to 70SD, which is costly for just bags.
Styled Outfits The pieces I bought, I found, were actually pretty easy to style and once I'd placed them on my doll I could kinda see a theme or piece I wanted to go with, which is pretty nice =) Firstly the Chanel Inspired Two Crossbody Bag and I went with both the navy and burgundy aspects of it with my top and skirt and I really like the outcome with the paler blue really standing out against the other colours. This coat made a pretty good layer for the look and I think it's right into the summer-autumn transitional style of look that I'm liking for this next month or so. Also loving these navy heels, they're another good fit for the look! Then the Chanel Inspired Wool Shoulder Bag with more navy - but at least I picked different pieces^ I like split of the skirt really drawing attention to the bag, although I think the outfit as a whole could have been better as this polo doesn't really add the best shapeliness to the doll - think the bag, and rest of the accessories, are working though ... and don't my legs look super long?!?! And lastly a bright fun look with the LV Inspired Twist Shoulder Bag which really surprised me as I found I had so many options for it - I could have done a whole post with 6 different stylings for it^ But I went super duper bright with this paired set of pieces and I think the orange-red tone works so well with the pastel pink, and I think it really brings out the bird printing on it as well. A simple white shirt was all this look needed, and I couldn't resist my favourite belt =D
Features And just a few features today - I really haven't seen many dolls wearing the pieces, what do you guys think?! However these looks are pretty awesome! Firstly o397 going with the LV Inspired Petit Crossbody in this very modern and fashion-forward outfit! I think the navy base works well with the black edging and strap of the bag, and I love the slight colour contrast with the pink of the bag and the reds of the dress and boots. Love the belt too, it's a great stylistic touch, and think this look has been thought through really well!
And then one from our always fab miver, going with the LV Inspired Twist Shoulder Bag in this quite cool casual-chic look - I love the contrast of the bag with the sparkly trousers (totally spot on) and then with the plain white tee, it works out quite nicely! The rest of the look is minimal, but you know what? It works out well and it sells the bag ... and also the trousers to me^


It sure is alright to go bananas once in a while like this cool look from Marbum for today's feature! Fruits won't always look good in a look but they're looking god here, theses bananas match the yellow trousers well and I like the overall loose fit of the trousers and shirt combined together. The casual feel is contrasted with the high-fashion accessories like the choker and cool circular-handle bag, it stands out nicely and definitely adds to the look =)

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #176

This look is perfect for summer being light and bright and white and also featuring the Spring Surprises Floral Embroidered Purse - a very old freebie, maybe 5 or so years old! I've probably styled it once in those years, which is a little shaming as it's got nothing too tricky about it! I think it might be the style of the strap, it's long and made to be worn in the hand and I think I therefore found it tricky to wear with skirts and dresses, however this time round I managed to style it over the shoulder and I think it works so much better^ The size is nice, not too large to look nice over the shoulder, and against the white it stands out well. I continued my accessories on the blue/green theme and love the combination of the shoes and the two pairs of sunglasses, they look totally cool =D

Burgundy nude

A beautiful classic styling with a retro touch today from bloom_xx_layla =) The look is sleek and despite a slightly casual tone I think it suits this golden Gucci interior very nicely. I love this beige sheeny midi skirt paired with the mustard jacket, and I think the use of the matching patent heels adds such a laid back glamorous feeling to the look. I love the tied belt, the burgundy colour is fantastic and paired with the bag, makes a good set of accessories^ Plus it makes the waist look super skinny and give a slimming silhouette. Annnnd, hair and beauty are fab =D


It's been a whole month since my last traditional Styled Outfits post! But fear not, I have quite a few styled posts coming this next month - starting with this one styling the Backless Loafers from LE =) These only came out a couple of months ago, but they seem to have already slipped into the depths of my wardrobe and were only really remembered after this feature and I knew I wanted to give them a go again.
I liked having a more fresh view on these shoes, but something about flats on my doll still makes me question if looks are looking alright, if you get what I mean? I'm just not used to seeing flats that aren't trainers on my doll, but I'm quite happy with the looks that I came up with! For the first two looks instinct ran to black, the shoes have a little black in them but are mostly grey in the print and have golden detailing, so I ran with the black and chose golden details in my accessories, but some of these clothing combinations are pretty nice! Love the overcoat in the first look with the shoes, it's a nice combination, I just think this fringed skirt wasn't the best choice, so maybe some smart black trousers for this cami and coat combination neck time^ In the second look I tried out some tights with the shoes for a more wintery styling, and I think this is alright ... could be better though! I love the skirting of this dress, I think it looks fab and I love the textures with the shoes. And I think this shirt is a good fit for the shoes, again this is something I'd also repeat^ And then lastly I went brighter with white, and I love it! I think these jeans are great with the shoes and I really like the shoes with this YSL bag, the gold is a really nice touch on the bag to fit with the shoes. I'm happy!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

V I L L A | Release Review

I'm super happy with the large amount of decor releases we've had recently and here's another that's been added, a new floor of VILLA, and just from the minimal but summer-resort-ready homepage advert, I'm completely sold already =D
Highlights It's amazing that this is another store that I've never reviewed or written about before on the blog because a couple of the previous releases are quite the thing too, so go check them out as well! But I love the style continuation from the homepage ad, it sells the store well which is all I can ask from them^ There's quite the Scandi feel to this release alike others in the past, but I still like it, and the overall styles seem versatile - a good release I'd say =D
Furniture There is a reasonable amount of large furniture pieces, with an emphasis on seats and tables. The Pale Pink Lounge Sofa is the first piece to grab my attention, it's got a cool relaxed seat style, it's pretty large so makes a good room focal point piece, and the colour is down right awesome =) And if you want just a little less pink there's the Feather Armchair in a stylish pink and green combination which I think will work perfectly in just the right interior setting ... I just haven't found it yet! And even more pink, although combined with red, is the Woven Armchair, I like the quirkiness to it, but I'm not so sure it would fit in my suite. And if pink isn't for you, then there are a couple of other options, like the paired Round Dining Table and Windsor Chair, which although dark, I think look good in this store setting. Then there is also the Coffee Table Set which is in a pale green tone, one I think which is pretty versatile and I like the Scandi feel of, and there's also the Round Marble Side Tables which I just love for the gold and marble, I'm just yet to find the best place for them in my suite^
Decor Upon first look, the shop seems really busy with trinkets and decor pieces, but I think that's all down to the Whimsicle Crewelwork Rug with a navy base and a beautiful pattern design of bright colours and cool combinations - I think it looks amazing and could really transform any suite room, it just needs the right interior and decor choices! There are two plant options, both pretty good, the Zig Zag Rope Vase, which has a great green piece in an intricate and modern vase, and the Glass Vases which are more delicate coming with just a few stems of plants - I like them both, they're both easy to include in a room design! The Zig Zag Rope Vase also comes with a matching Zig Zag Rope Pouf which I love and think the design would look awesome as other decor items! I like the style and the colour means it's pretty easy to get into room designs as well. The Yellow Grey Cushions are a nice set, maybe not ideal with the pink, but any cushions are good cushions in my book and you never know when you're going to need a yellow one^ And then there's also the Set Of Vintage Frames with colourful artwork in a very popular RL style right now, I like these a lot, I just need to find the right spot in my suite for them =)
Prices This release ranges from 8 to 30SD's however most items are under 20SD's and well priced. Just one piece is SS only but there's still plenty to get from the store that's available to everyone.
Styled Suite I decided it was about time to spruce up one of my suite rooms and used this opportunity to make good use of some of these items. I'm not typically a table person, but I decided to give the Round Dining Table a go, although to easy myself in I sized it down a little so I think it suits the lower chair quite nicely. I also used some of the decor pieces here, the tabletop Decor Set and also the Glass Vases. Then some more tables actually with the Coffee Table Set at the other side of the room - these still need a little something more added around them, but I'm happy so far. I actually found it really easy to get some of the artwork I already had in storage to fit with these pieces and I'm very pleased about that. Hopefully I'll buy more items from this release soon for more suite room makeovers =D
Feature And just one quick feature today coming from yiyine1998 who firstly makes use of the interior then adds to it with a lot of pieces from the store - it's a great interpretation of the style! I am particularly loving the pink and brown cushion combination on the Pale Pink Lounge Sofa, what a match! And also the use of some bright yellow flowers on the Round Marble Side Tables, I love that and it really highlights the gold of the table legs. Pretty awesome overall =D